About Us

We’ve been selling water to Central New York for over 20 years and believe that quality, combined with service are the most important parts of any business. 

We give the best price to ALL of our customers regardless of quantity used or customer location.

When you taste Aqua Valley, you will know there is a difference in waters!  And like thousands of other people throughout New York State you are going to want it delivered to your home or office.  When you are a customer of The Water Bottle, LLC., you have a direct number to one of the Company owners that you can deal with (not a long line of people to solve any issues).  We are a family owned and operated Company with 6 members of our immediate family directly involved in bottling, trucking, distribution and administration.

With over 20 years experience in the bottled water industry, we have learned the best ways to get the product to our customers and at the lowest price.

Our cooler cleaning facilities:


 Our warehouse:


Our trucks get loaded every morning to bring the best to you!