Our Water

Aqua Valley is 100% pure spring water, not bottled municipal water commonly used by big name water companies! 

Alot of water companies do not have a great natural product that is at a convenient location for their business so they process the local tap water to save on logistics.  Then they make a claim to have a superior product and charge their customers more.

At The Water Bottle, we give you the best product at far below everyone else’s price!

About Us

20 years
We’ve been selling water to Central New York for over 20 years and believe that quality, combined with service are the most important parts of any business.

We give the best price to ALL of our customers regardless of quantity used or customer location.

With 20 years of delivery experience, we have learned the best ways to get the product to our customers and at the lowest price.

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Once your family and employees enjoy the refreshing taste of 100% pure Aqua Valley Springs bottled water, you won’t want to run out!  We offer convenient scheduled deliveries to your home or office.

Our 5-gallon bottles will keep everyone satisfied longer and most bottles have large, easy to grasp handles for easy lifting and carrying.  All of our 5-gallon bottles have no-spill caps so you won’t get soaked every time you have to change the bottle!  How does the no-spill cap work?  When the bottle is turned upside down to sit on your water cooler, the cap stays closed until it fits snugly onto the cooler’s anti-leak valve.  When you remove the bottle, the valve closes and reseals the bottle, even if it still has water inside!

Our cases of single-serve bottles are convenient for school and work lunches, trips to the gym, sporting events, hiking and biking.  We offer our single-serve bottled water in 16.9 oz and 24 oz bottles (24/cs).